We went outside and enjoyed an autumn day. These are our observations about autumn in Brookline.


Fall in Brookline is full of beautiful sights.  On a fall day, I saw a turkey vulture circling in the big, blue, beautiful sky.  It was peaceful and quiet except for some birds that were chirping.  The breeze was blowing tall, leafy trees.  Fall is so beautiful that I wish it was fall all year.                         L.C.

At night I see the fireflies.  I see kids jumping in leaves.  I see picnics.  I see leaves falling and I see flowers growing.  I see butterflies, bats and baseball.  I see hockey.                        G.K.

This is the season of fall.  This is what I heard, saw and listened to.   I heard birds chirping very loudly, and annoyingly.  Plants were dying in my defense and it made me sad.  Beautiful leaves were turning on me to yellow, orange, green and red.  Seeing a turkey vulture and eagle flying around was a great sight.    L.B.

On a beautiful autumn day in Brookline, I hear lots of birds and crickets.  I see lots of trees, green grass, brown leaves and blue skies.  It was hot, sunny, quiet, cool breezes, and fresh air.  A beautiful autumn day in Brookline.      J.S.

This is the season of fall.  I hear crickets, lots and lots of them.  I'm starting to see the trees are turning colors.  I feel the cool wind blowing on my face.  The grass is turning brown.  I see dragonflies.  I smell fresh air.  I see lots of birds flying south for the winter.                     S.B.

This is the season of fall.  I heard birds chirping, giving me a headache.  There were dead plants.  It was quiet and echoey.  Seeing a turkey vulture and an eagle is a great sight.                        C.J.

It was a bright and sunny day.  It was quiet, too quiet.  Then it happened.  The grass stood on end and the hawks were circling us.  The crickets were chirping and so were the birds.  Then all of a sudden, the hawk dove right for us!  It screeched and showed it's black beak.  But then we noticed the hawk dove into the forest and it was never seen again.                     C.S.

On this autumn day in Brookline, I heard lots of birds.  I smell a warm breeze and I am sitting on a warm coat of autumn grass in a soccer field with butterflies crossing the whole surface.  I see a big, blue sky glittering by my side, the sun bright and shining yellow.  As a huge turkey culture swarms the whole land, making me feel smaller and smaller by the minute.  What a great autumn day in Brookline!       B.V.

I hear crickets chirping.  I can hear trees blowing.  I smell pine on the crispy trees.  I see bugs flying and heat rising.  I also hear birds chirping and white clouds that look like cotton balls sifting above us in the blue sky.  I'm sitting in the crunchy, green grass watching my shadow move.  I see the sun bursting our eyes and a turkey vulture circling above us.  What a great day!                    M.B.

It was a bright and sunny day in Brookline.  It was quiet, too quiet.  The wind whistled in the bright, blue sky.  The vultures flew in the hot sun.  Birds chirped everywhere you looked.  Then it happened, a vulture called, they were circling.                    N.L.

This is a fall day in Brookline.  There are blue skies and people picking apples and pumpkins.  Trees change colors and leaves fall in the cold breezes.  Apple cider is being made while birds fly south for the winter.  This ia fall day in Brookline.                R.S.

On an autumn day in Brookline, everything is beautiful.  I hear crickets chirping, and birds cheeping.  I smell pine trees, and feel a small, warm breeze, and the weather is warm, not completely hot.  I see blue skies and it is very sunny.  I also see leaves changing colors.  What a beautiful, autumn day!     M.M.

This is a fall day in Brookline.  There is a lot of green around me, nice green grass that I'm sitting on.  I'm hearing a lot of birds tweeting.  The nice blue sky is all around me.  The bright, yellow sun is up in the sky.  The wind is blowing everywhere.  The sun is beating down on me and bugs are flying everywhere in sight.  A turkey vulture is circling me.  It a nice fall day!                    K.L.

A fall day in Brookline is very quiet.  A fall day has peaceful breezes.  On a Brookline fall day you can see a turkey vulture overhead.  Crickets chirp when leaves are changing color.  On a beautiful fall day in Brookline, it is very peaceful.            R.D.

On a beautiful fall day in Brookline, you can see nature and a pretty blue sky.  I saw a turkey vulture on Tuesday in the afternoon when we were listening for things like birds and owls.  You could look, hear, and see some trees and the blue sky that is pretty and the green grass.  You could hear crickets.  I saw a beautiful fall day on Tuesday.  It was pretty.  A fall day is a pretty, beautiful day for a day of listening for quiet.    A.M.

It's coming.... It's coming!!  It's here!  F..A..L..L..   FALL!!!  Fun Halloween parties, sweet!  Awesome apple pie with cinnamon!.  Lots of awesome colors everywhere.  Lots of fun when fall comes to Brookline!   M.H.

AUTUMN IS HERE!!!  I really like celebrating Halloween in autumn.  I also like eating cinnamon apple pies.  In autumn you smell fresh air and see colorful leaves.  There's also leaves everywhere and it's colder out.  AUTUMN IF FUN!!    N.M.

Fall is my second favorite season.  I like fall because it is the best time to ride my four-wheeler.  It is Halloween.  That is my second favorite thing.    N.N.

Autumn in Brookline is like.... feeling the cool breeze, seeing all the orange, yellow, red and brown leaves.  Not feeling hot air, playing with the leaves on the ground, and not having to hear bugs buzz in your ear.  Autumn in Brookline is very great!.     E.M.

Autumn in Brookline is... fireflies and dragonflies...Red, green and orange leaves...Crickets and grasshoppers.    J.L.